Hosted by WPI Cyber Security Club
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Cancelled. See Discord for more info
root@wpictf~# WHO
Anyone and everyone!
Conglomorate at discord
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root@wpictf:~# PRIZES
Global and WPI prizes
To be announced here: More Info
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What is a CTF?
Capture The Flag: A competition where you try to solve puzzles or break into systems to get a flag (some text) which earns you points.

Why should I do it?
With the ever increasing growth in computer science, software protection has become an important part of any software engineering position.
Going to CTFs can help you think like an attacker, and teach you how to avoid having security vulnerabilties in your code. And also it's hecka fun!

What if I don't know anything?
CTF's can feel intimidating, but that's precisely why you should go to them, so that you can go from knowing nothing to something. There will be people onsite to help push you the right direction. And on top of that, we have beginner friendly challenges! Getting a flag could be as easy as inspecting a web page!

What's Unique about WPICTF?
We have onsite physical devices that you can try hack into.
We are beginner friendly. Most challenges were made by WPI students, so they are designed from being extremely easy to moderately difficult.

Email csc-exec AT wpi DOT edu
Or join the discord